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I am requesting prayer for my oldest brother Billy Tatum.  


He is 41-yrs-old. In 1993, my brother was diagnosed with HIV. He is a Born Again Believer.

It's very difficult to discuss this matter. But I know "nothing is too hard for the Lord to fix, make new, restore, replace, re-do, etc.

My brother  talked with me a few months ago about how everything makes him feel. He spoke in terms of being tired and ready to go "home" meaning Heaven, but he really doesn't want to go. He says he just gets tired, and longs to go. He had a stroke (on the left side of his body), and a seizure a little over a week ago.


He was released from the hospital and was receiving medical attention/physical therapy at home with my sister. However, he was recently re-admitted back into the hospital to treat a bed-sore (intravenously) that he received from his last stay at the hospital.


Just today my sister called me and told me he wasn't doing very well.


I Believe God!!!!!!




James 5:15a


I made a video of my brother so you can see who he is. He is an Artist, and the art work in this video are his original drawings.


Thanks in advance for your prayers.


He is in St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson. NJ Room #666




The Song Playing in the background of the video is his favorite song "It's Over Now".

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Now I realize why my brother kept running a fever every time the doctors were preparing to preform a brain-biopsy on him. As I said earlier, I was asking the Lord why this kept happening? Well, on this morning, my 6-yr-old daughter prayed this prayer on her way to school..."Lord, you know what doesn't look like you." I turned around and asked her what did she say, and she repeated herself. I hid those words in me heart. Less than an hour ago my sister called, and informed me that my brother just had a spinal tap done on him as opposed to a brain-biopsy.

The first doctor thought this was best for him in order to see what the mass is on my brother's brain. This doctor is also the doctor that said he was going to "help my brother fight this, and that he wasn't going to give up on him." When my brother was placed on life-support, his new doctor felt that it was best for him to have a spinal tap to determine what the mass is on my brother's brain. She was also the same doctor that the enemy used to speak lots of negative things to my sister about the status of my brother. My sister said she had to tell that doctor "what thus saith the Lord." I prayed and asked the Lord to move that doctor on. Yesterday, she (the doctor) was called away to take care of an emergency. I believe she had served her purpose. Now my brother is resting well. He is about to be placed in a regular room now.

God really does "Know what doesn't look like him."
I still believe in MIRACLES!!!

Everything works together for our good, because we love the Lord, and we are called according to his purpose......Jesus, I really do thank you.

GOD IS ABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is able.
Thanks for praying for us. We arrived in Jersey to visit my brother in the hospital last Thusday.
God has been doing great things for him. Today he is being moved to a place to receive therapy.

I havent seen my brother for a few months before coming to Jersey. The last time I saw him he was walking, and talking, and I took him to the airport to fly back to Jersey. When I saw him on Thursday, he had very little movement, and he could not speak at all. My parents and I stood around his hospital bed and prayed for him. The next day before we could get to his room, the nurses, and houskeeper was were giving out reports that my brother has been wavinging, smiling and moving around. He had never done that since he had been there. All of them were amazed.

The same day, I was granted with the opportunity to be with him while they were trying to perform an MRI on him. The nurse was standing next to me when he spoke his first word..."HOME"... She was so shocked. She came back telling everyone what she had heard.

God has been doing so many wonderful things for my brother and our family. Please continue to pray for us. We will be traveling to Newark, NJ on today to help get him settled into the new place.

Thanks again for your prayers.
We are celebrating and praising God, especially for showing up and showing out, even through us!
God is manifesting His power through you and it is glorious to hear about.

May the Spirit of our God cradle and comfort your brother's mind and soul,
even through these trials, in the name of Jesus, our compassionate Savior, Amen.
My oldest Brother Billy Jr. Tatum passed away on last night.
Please keep my family in your continued prayers.
you know when I lost my Mother ,and my Aunt Beulah who was also a Mother to me. I felt so all alone because I knew without any question they loved me, and were always there for me. But I realize that John 14, says Jesus loves me and He has gone to prepare a place for me that where He is I can be also . So you already know! But I like to hear this from time to time it keeps my faith up strong, Jesus says to us "Fear not! We can conquer fear, and sad heart's through using the measure of faith God has given us ( Romans 12:3) ,
We do know in the Rapture He is coming to catch UP the saints out of a wicked world; In the Rapture He is coming to translate and to resurrect the bodies of the saints of God of all ages; IN the Revelation those same saints are coming back to earth with Him to rule with Him forever and ever.

See you there!
AMEN Sister Patricia!!!!! I'm Encouraged.
Thanks for the scriptures. St. John 14 is one of the many scriptures God placed in my spirit to encourage me as well. I Love the Lord, and I believe He is going to do just what He has promised. The Bible is RIGHT!!!
When my brother passed away on July 13, 2010 no one word could describe how that made me feel. As I continued to seek the Lord, I could feel myself wanting to give up. But the "Peace of God" Phil. 4:7 was all over my life leading me to push forward.
I believe that my brother finally is enjoying the ONE THING he has always desired the most..."To dwell in the House Of The Lord all the days of his life. Beholding the beauty of the Lord." Psalms 27:4
I thank God for all of your prayers. God is still the strength of my life.
His word teaches us to give Him thanks in all things. It also teaches us that all things work together for good to those who LOVE HIM, and are CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE....Romans 8:28
I ask God everyday day to continue to keep us all in His will. For He knows what's best for each of us. "We only know in part. We Prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away."
I Corinthians 13:9
We are all still "In God's Care."


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