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Greetings New Life Music Network members!


If you haven't been on the network in a while, when you come back for a visit you will notice a number of significant changes. One of which is that the music players that we have grown to love which empowered us to upload our favorite songs and sound bites are now gone! 
The NING network, which is the domain for our network, has changed some of the options that we are able to enjoy.  In NING's move to monetize the networks, they have contracted the music player to a third party.  What this means for us is that we have the option to select a third party music player, but in doing so, the third party will have visibility to our standard information (ie- names, gender, possibly email addresses, etc) in exchange access to using their music player.  And what does their player do?   It appears as though they have "millions" of songs to choose from, but it doesn't appear as though we will get to load up our own personal creations.   That being said, I did not automatically select this 'added feature' without your input/permission.   

So, network members, tell me:  What do you think?  Should we add the third party player or accept the current options which are now limited to videos? 


Search and play millions of songs and music videos, tune in to hundreds of internet radio stations, browse popular albums and more.


If you're reading this now, please respond now so that you don't forget.  Thank you for your continued support!


Grace and Peace,


Gerald Peoples, Jr. ~~ DJ G

New Life Music Network


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For some it could be a hinderance or temptation because 3rd party players aren't solely Gospel - let's hope we can exercise restraint and keep our minds stayed on Christ. :) [sorry I couldn't be more helpful ]

Indeed Barbrah, I think you are most helpful. I did think of the fact that most of our indie urban gospel artists won't be represented through this media form, but the greater danger is that others may be subject to an added temptation; we certainly face enough of that throughout our everyday.
I also believe that we already have everything we need, so my eyes are open because, if we need it, there is a ram in the bush.
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