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As an Ambassador of Urban Gospel I was recently asked to provide my take on what's going on with this emerging industry for Airplay 360 (

Hear what I said, I welcome your comments.

Considering where the industry is headed and where it is today versus where it began more than 20 years ago with the entrance of Holy Hip Hop, Urban Gospel has made some significant strides but there is still a long way to go.
Some may disagree, citing the many examples of attention by major radio and television networks, interviews, executives, artists, booked out events, conference appearances, invites to sit on panels and even increased unit sales. As stated previously, the industry has made great advances.
The reason Urban Gospel is still ages away from real progress is not because of the cross-over appeal of some of the industry's biggest names, charting #1 hit songs or collaboration with some of secular's biggest rap stars, nor is it even the selling out of Urban Gospel's brightest protégés to the secular market in the hopes of them reaching back to bring us all up. NOPE! Urban Gospel is what it is because a revolution is pending and absolutely necessary!
We cannot begin to see things changing until we ourselves are open to change, destroying the current system and rebuilding on a sure, strong foundation - The Rock. We need to realize there is a great work to be done and God is calling a people to follow Him. We don't need a king; we need the King of Kings leading as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. We cannot be divided. We cannot conform but we must, I repeat; we must, transform the entire music and entertainment industry by impacting and changing lives to bring glory to God.
It may not be what most want to hear, however, it is the truth - the real state of affairs within the Urban Gospel industry.

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Something this monumental sounds like a God task. This mass change of ways of doing kingdom business would have to start in the hearts of leadership. There are so many levels that have to be transformed that as we embrace this vision, meditate on the mission, and walk as the Holy Spirit leads, we consistantly remind our selves that the cup is half full and that God is the author and finisher of our faith -- ultimately, what He wills to be, will be. And we, that saints on this mission, like the a small cloud in the distance, can BE the change as we EXPECT through our faith, that God will bring the increase for His namesake.
As usual, your synopsis of the current state of urban gospel is true:

"We must, transform the entire music and entertainment industry by impacting and changing lives to bring glory to God." Urs E.
G, yet again, you have your finger directly on the pulse of what's needed! This is a God-sized assignment, not for one but a unified Body of One-Christ.

And like you also pointed out, the changes will need to start with a change toward the Kingdom way of doing things-business and otherwise. God has already begun His part through HR 848. Its up to the rest of us Kingdom minded leaders to destroy the current system that inhibits us from representing Him to the fullest and began the journey toward the rebuilding process, following in the footsteps of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Ester. Creating a dominion in music and entertainment where the Lord can dwell and not just a periodically appear in corner of the industry (Gospel) that society and the traditional church has relegated Him. Keep watching for the REVOLUTION!!!!
As you can imagine, I have been publically suggesting actions that I believe would lead us into such a direction even towards operating as a unified Body of One-Christ.

The actions I suggest include (but are not limited to):

- Setting a hire standard on what can be classified as gospel music.
(i.e.- promoting songs based on the songs ability to promote the ways of the righteous)

- Narrowing the channels that music goes through to ensure the Gospels are represented in Gospel Music.
(i.e.- Promote/Encourage Gospel DJs who push music from channels like Gospel Music record pools)

- Use a music supervisory staff with a ministry of listening to songs with a keen discernment of which songs
would actually directly or indirectly promote the ways of the righteous.

- in addition to funding mobile phone urban gospel radio outreach, funding a virtual Christian Coffee House/Mall,
note -- we may not see this promised land...but we can certainly lay the ground work for the Joshua Generation while we're in this desert.
Absolutely Bro! Great ideas!!!
Mr, DJ, You was born for such a time as this. I can sense it. The birthing of a revolution. The saving of the body of Christ from complete annihilation. Let us all keep in deep prayer about this, new move, not turning to the left or to the right, but keep our focus on Jesus.
Oh wow it is about time someone said what you have written. I agree especially with not conforming and changing lives to bring glory to God. This is exactley what i want to hear. Thank You!
Praise God Sister! Its been the heart of God since the beginning of time for His children to follow His direction, being unified and taking territiory so that it is well understood that God is a good Father and He only has our best interested at heart!

Somewhere along the way we became an individualistic society mostly concerned with self-preservation rather than the community or the Household of faith. God wants us to return and rebuild.

Its good to know my sister is willing to stand alongside me in everyway she can. Please continue to pray our strength in the Lord, see you on the battlefield!!

You nailed it right on the head Sister. Bless your heart. I sure pray I find the face of God, so that I move only when He tells me to go, and be say what He wants me to say.


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