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Maintaining Optimal Thinking by Minister Kamal

Maintaining Optimal Thinking (Faith & Positive Thinking)

By Minister Kamal.

Minister Kamal has been in the valley and he remembers how he got out and it was through maintaining faith and positive thought. He shares his words of wisdom with you.

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Rise Up and Shine Gospel Remix

Hot dance beat, hot singing and spoken word fused with deep soulful house music! Dance, be joyful and get your praise on to this sizzling hot uptempo gospel house song by Kamal Emanuel and friends.

Download on Bandcamp and all popular online stores!

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Check Out the "I Got Jesus" Album

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Check Out the "I Got Jesus" Album

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I Will Make It is an inspirational Holy Hip Hop & R&B song by Niva featuring Kamal Imani aka Kamal Emanuel.

Enjoy this…


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God Thank You For This Gift So Beautiful! Contemporary Gospel by Kamal Emanuel

God Thank You For This Gift So Beautiful

by Kamal Emanuel

On the eve of my deceased Mother's birthday I was reflecting on

all of the good memories of life as well as the current wonderful

people in my life such as my family and friends and I felt these

words coming to me, so I started to produce this song giving

thanks to God.…


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Gospel Concert-Hip Hop Can Change The World! God Hop!

Enjoy this annointing hip hop/Godhop concert brought to you by Elyon Entertainment and Mrs. Kim Phelps. Dynamic talent was in the house at Jersey Cities St. Peters University. Enjoy!

Featuring Nikeo Music Group, Femcee and Soulstress Tine, Ish Rouse, Block Wryter, B Luv, Obey Thy Will, Comedian Ace Brown, Kim Phelps and much more!

A Kamal Imani…


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New Contemporary Gospel House Song - Press My Way

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How To Promote Your Gospel Music, GodHop and Sermons!

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Lift Me Up!-New Gospel House

New Gospel House and Hip Hop Dance Fusion!

When I was down, You were there to lift me up

Psalms 138

A Thankful Heart


1 I will give You thanks with all my heart;

I will sing Your praise before the heavenly beings. [a]

2 I will bow down toward Your holy temple

and give thanks to Your name

for Your constant love and…


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The Storm Won't Last Forever!

Added by Kamal Emanuel on November 7, 2015 at 10:41pm — No Comments

Manhood 101: Sacrifice Responsibility Legacy by Kamal Imani

Added by Kamal Emanuel on November 6, 2015 at 10:24am — No Comments

You Are Not A Mistake! A Message to Black Youth!

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Prayer For 2015

May God the Holy Spirit surround you with Holy Angels. May your Food basket never run empty this year and may you always have more than enough money to share. That God will bless you above and beyond your wildest dreams and reward your faithfulness by opening the windows of heaven and pour our such a blessing upon you that you won`t have room enough to store it !

                     IN JESUS`S NAME


                    HAPPY NEW YEAR  2015

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Hello everyone,

I have information about spiritual warfare on my website:

including very informative and educational material about destroying witchcraft and dangers of the occult. 

Please read gospel tracts entitled: "Exposing And Destroying Witchcraft!" "Dangers Of The Occult: Exposed!" and "You Can Be Set…


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Singing Poet WHY ME LORD

DID not realized what a good women i had until she left me, DID not no what a friend i had in JESUS until he came an comforted me, when i wanted to take my life when she left me,…

Added by Dru Aired on January 23, 2014 at 1:08pm — 1 Comment

Season Blessing

Jesus have come that you can over come anything that is set in front of you. Remember all thing are possible to him that believe and blessed the Lord who daily loads us with benefits and a heart at Peace give life to the body and behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me. God shall supply all your need according to His…


Added by Sarah Boone on December 25, 2013 at 2:21pm — 1 Comment

I Want The Entree

      The other day, a friend and I had gone to a restaurant to order some food prior to going to see a movie. We had to wait for over an hour to get seated due to it being a Saturday evening and everyone was out. The weather here in Georgia was pretty nice, and it was a great evening to spend doing anything your heart desired, for the time of year that we are in. Once we were finally seated, the waiter came to take our order. We ordered some appetizers, which were very good. However, we…


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What Scent Are You Leaving Behind?

     When I was in the 5th grade, there were these two sisters who were twins in my class. I will give them the names, Sally and Jan Humes. What was unique about these girls were that everyone knew them because of their scent. Unfortunately, it was a really bad odor. You could tell that they didn't have much because of…


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So You Think You Can Dances?

And David was dancing before the LORD with all his might, and David was wearing a linen ephod. II Samuel 6:14. (NIV)

     The ark where the Lord resided had been in captivity. The Philistines had defeated the Israelites and had taken the ark to one of their gods' temples. While being there, their idols were broken and disease afflicted the people. In fear of what was happening, the Philistines made arrangements to have…


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