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May 28th Event - Nashville
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G May 3, 2011.

Christian rap and the churchs responsibility
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G Sep 24, 2009.

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Emcee, Promoter and Cultural Mediator

yshwa4life was born in NY but spent his teenage years growing up in the eighties on the westcoast. His stepfather, (who turned out to be an abusive alcoholic) moved him and his Mother out there when he was 10.

He played guitar in various thrash metal bands and was heavy into "that crazy life". Having been a drug addict, a constant runaway, in and out of institutions, kicked out of every school he attended and prone to violent behavior, with no true role model to emulate he was lost and on his way to hell in a handbasket. He was also a fan of rap and hip hop, artists like EZ-E (Eric Wright), NWA, Digital Underground, 2 Live Crew, Whodini, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam and many others. San Hose, California was the Capital scene at that time.

His mother eventually left the relationship which, although they were free "in a sense", only created a larger vacuum in his heart and things got much worse, until he was finally introduced to Jesus by the "preacher guy" next door at the age of eighteen. Shortly thereafter he moved back to NY to find his roots.

He tossed all his music in the garbage (an extensive collection) but it wasn't until he started digging into the bible in his mid twenties that any real and lasting changed happened. He quotes, "Once me and the wife started havin' kids, i needed real answers, 'fast'...and the Word o' God had 'em. He'd been waitin on me the whole time. Once i took it serious and started readin' it on a regular i couldn't put it down, when i got to the book of Romans i was hooked..now it's the center of my universe."

He began to scour the internet for artists that were "creating excellence" to compel the lost to take the truthclaims of God seriously but only found a handful that were actually making a difference.

His Mother eventually remarried years after the divorce, moved back east and became a Pastors wife. However, tragically they were killed in a horrible automobile accident. The creativity that had been lying dormant for so long began to take on a whole new light during the healing process. "i just sorta' disappeared inside myself." "Moms always wanted me to do somethin with my love for music and wordplay for the Lord, i just never did ya know? That's about to change (by His grace)!"

He recently moved to the Nashville, TN area with his wife of 20 years and their three children. "i sensed the Lord leading us south as i felt that i could be more effective for Him there..that's turning out to be true." There are a ton of artists that are stepping up to the plate with a real love for Gods Word and for our kids." It's my aim to connect the ones God sends my way with communities that need their services and to convince as many people as i can of the fact that God is on the move within this genre." "Gods providence and sovereignty are absolutely amazing."

The mission statement on his website is as follows:

i'm a Christian alternative hip hop artist, emcee and promoter from upstate NY.

My main burden is the restoration of the family, (since it's the foundational building block of civilization) but in order for that to happen we need to be lifting up the supremacy of Christ and His word. i do it through the medium of music, as i believe it to be one of the fastest way to reach our present post-modern culture..with the truth claims of God...and by extension, take back our communities and neighborhoods for the His glory.

Christian rap/hip hop has been under attack since it's inception due to various reasons. Bigotry, ignorance, creative subjectivity, division within it's own ranks, fear from those on the outside (and a whole lot of mediocrity) have all played a part. Many have deemed it as a useless waste of time and in some respects it has been. A lot of artists have stepped up to the plate over the years trying to blaze trails for the rest of us; but only a few have made it to the regional/national level and been able to truly connect with the intended audience, it was the reason i stepped into the game in the first place trying to reach out to my local community (eventually ending up in the Nashville circuit in my current role as a promoter).

However..the lyrical and production qualities have evolved into what we've all been praying for. Many of us have been waiting to see this happen for at least a decade. As a result, my focus has shifted. The goal of this website is to give people a "birdseye view" of what's really going on within the Christian hip hop community..and to provide a bit of some much needed information regarding the Truths of Gods word as it pertains to society, the family, the body of Christ and our individual/corporate responsibilites to support youth leaders that are making a difference in the hip hop culture (creating a real thirst to know more about the Creator of which they speak and facilitating a hunger to dig deeply into the scriptures).

Yes, we're still in an information war (and it's raging) and yes, there's still a lot of work to do; but the Christian rap/hip hop movement has morphed into a unified force for Christ and lives are being transformed as a result! Don't miss this!

There's a saying in the street, "real recognize' real". If the music isn't at least on the same level with MTV for instance, they just..wont..listen (trust me on this one).

Again, God has raised up a group of pastors and youth leaders out of the street that are a) creating compelling content, b) absolutely in love with His Word and c) have a passion to reach our kids.

That's a winning combination no matter how you look at it!

These are exciting times that we're living in! We need to get behind this movement..it's turned into sort of a microcosm of the church, many members but one body, one God one love, working together for His glory. Even if you don't feel connected to it, do a bit of research and you'll soon come to some very interesting conclusions. It's actually making a difference on multiple fronts!

God has provided the tools to reach our kids with the message of hope found in the gospel, it's up to us to use them effectively! For to long we've been plagued by doubt and fear.

Step up..He is able!


The interview with Jr.

Q.What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

Well...when it comes to my genre, it's evolved into what we've all been waiting for. It took a while for the cream to rise to the top because many thought it wasn't possible...that's about to change.

Q. What aspect of making music gets you the most discouraged?

The times that we're living in are unlike any other in history. Music is a window to the soul and our world is getting darker and darker every day...too many artists are taking advantage of that right now. Instead of being responsible creatively, they're using their talents to promote the disintegration of the family and of society itself.

Q. What are you up to right now, music-wise? (Current or upcoming recordings, tours, extravaganzas, experiments, top-secret projects, etc).

I've got a project underway right now due out in early September. What I'm really looking to do is collaborate with others of like passion who have a burning desire to make a positive difference...but I'll go it alone if I have to...

Q. What's the most unusual place you've ever played a show or made a recording? How did the qualities of that place affect the show/recording?

I usually do most of my creating outside the studio...in the van, at the park, on my way to work, at lunchbreak...I like how KJ-52 (5-tweezy) says it in one of his tracks..."I'll grab a napkin if it's all I got ta write on...hittin' ya so hard ya feel it in yer protons"...or somethin' like that. As far as recording goes...you need to be in a professional studio with a quality sound engineer that understands what you're trying to do to really make it happen.

Q. In what ways does the place where you live (or places where you have lived), affect the music you create, or your taste in music?

Probably in every way. Your style is heavily influenced by how and where you grew up, you can't escape that part...

Q. When was the last time you wrote a song? What can you tell us about it?

We vacationed in the smokeys not too long ago with my brother'in law, his wife and all of our kids...it was needed trust me, anyway I couldn't get the fans out o' my mind (even though I was supposed to) and ended up writing a whole mess o'lyrics. I can't turn it off...I've got a lot to say, (lol).

Q. As you create more music, do you find yourself getting more or less interested in seeking out and listening to new music made by other people...and why do you think that is?

I have noticed that I listen to myself more than I do anybody else lately but I'm in the creation phase so I guess that's expected. Every time I listen to a track I try to imagine that it's the first time. You get a really good feel for your project after about a zillion times of hearing it, you want to present it in a way that is pleasing to the ear and leaves a good taste in their mouth when they walk away...this IS art after all.

Q. Lately what musical periods or styles do you find yourself most drawn to as a listener? (Old or new music? Music like yours or different from yours?)

I'm into the new music although growing up on the west coast as a teen during the eighties influenced my flavor. I've noticed my style's kinda wacked at times...but it is what it is ya know? As far as genre, it's got to be Christian. There's to much deception out there to be playin around...but be yourself that's what I say...

Q. Name a band or musician, past or present, who you flat-out LOVE and think more people should be listening to. What's one of your all-time favorite recordings by this band/musician?

Casting Crowns has got to be my first choice...and it would have to be their song, "Praise you in the storms"

Q. What's the saddest song you've ever heard?

...John Micheal Montgomery/the Little Girl

Profile Information

Ministry Name
- y s h w a 4 l i f e
Ministry Website
Primary Gifts/Talents
My family has been in the wood flooring business for nearly a century. I was trained in all aspects of the wood flooring industry and was involved in it for twenty years. I've since reconfigured my life with the purpose of devoting much of my time to the Christian music scene and have become a promoter of artists creating compelling content and matching them up with needy communities and/or events aimed at reaching out to our post-modern culture with the truthclaims of God.

I grew up in NY but moved my family to the Nashville area to maximize my effectiveness. I worked as a professional painting contractor for a while until the recession peaked, now i'm in sales. It's not my career of choice but it'll do for now
Church Home
What services do you need to enhance your vision
..promotion and engagement with others who share my vision to unite the body and break down barriers.
Please add more information for better ministry networking.
The word of God is the center of the universe. ;)

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..onto the next phase. ;)

After about a solid year of waivering i've decided to make my move.

With respect to my "target audience" my heart is for anyone who will listen. The main focus of my ministry has been to reach out to the urban culture this is true; but my main point has always been simply reaching people with the gospel through music period as i see it as the fastest way to touch heartstrings.

i listen to rock, hip hop and CCM mainly, i do love me some good country music too but i don't do… Continue

Posted on January 10, 2010 at 8:43am — 6 Comments

New project (still) in the works.

i was in the process of finishing it up a year ago when i had 6 months worth of material stolen out of my vehicle..coupled with the fact that the studio i was workin with went belly up n i lost all my sonic files..well, it wasn't pretty.

Anyway the theme around my current project was social justice, citizen Christian n the family but i've been so busy at work and such i'd assumed Gods sovereign will was for me to take a few steps back, focus on promoting others n maybe just… Continue

Posted on December 12, 2009 at 9:59am — 3 Comments

His Word

i'm so grateful for the knowledge of God. So many people today think that it's unattainable..like wholly knowing Him intimately is just not a real option. What a tragedy! He's altogether knowable! He's "exquisite" and SO ready to reveal Himself! He WANTS us to dig deep into the Word, to search after Him like fine treasure.

For instance if i told you that there was a brick of solid gold hidden somewhere in your living room and you trusted me, you'd tear that room apart until you found… Continue

Posted on September 16, 2009 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Jesus Christ the Righteous!

i've been pondering on His faithfulness lately. He's brought me through so many trials over the course of my lifetime..He's been so patient with me. i can't begin to tell you how much He means to me. There've been times where i thought i was gonna lose my mind. i've always had a sense that there was somebody watching out for me. Things have never been easy but for some reason He chose to sustain me..to uphold me. i could go on for hours talkin about all the days of neglect, abuse,… Continue

Posted on August 27, 2009 at 5:06pm — 2 Comments

God is good all the time.

One thing i'm thankful for is the fact that regardless of how things shift and morph down here on good ole' planet earth, God doesn't change. Most of us on the artistic side of the equation are sorta bi-polar..up and down, up and down. He remains faithful..a constant source of strength to draw from. We praise you Lord for your utter faithfulness..thank You for Your presence.

Posted on August 18, 2009 at 12:30pm

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At 11:52am on April 29, 2014, comfort justin said…

i like your profile
i will like to get acquainted with You if you don't mind,
i have something important to share with You,
here is my email(comfortabel96@yahoo.com)
hope to communicate with you soon.

At 3:16am on December 21, 2011, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…

Greetings Bro Paul!  I trust that you are celebrating the birth of Christ and the purpose we have to serve Him everyday.  Thank you for networking with us and our kingdom building effort. Blessings in the new year and with every step you're taking to bring glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and God's Holy Spirit, our comforter.

Grace and Peace,

Gerald ~~ DJ G

At 1:14pm on April 14, 2011, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…
Greetings Paul.  Brother Hicks, who can help with your music files, is now a member of our network:  Click here to connect:  http://newlifemusicnetwork.ning.com/profile/GeorgeHicks?xg_source=msg_member_join
At 9:16am on April 12, 2011, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…

I am sorry to hear your studio suffered a water pipe break...it affirms that we are all subject to time and chance in this life...May the Lord shine on your situation and open doors that no man can close.  May you receive twice what you have suffered lost, in Jesus name and for His glory, Amen.   


Concerning cleaning up audio, through our new relations and joint venture with Neal Reed Publishing, I believe the resources are available to supply your needs.

I am reaching out to Bro George L. Hicks in Detroit to see what is available.  


At 1:37pm on March 6, 2011, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…

I need help getting the word out about this search for music that appeals to the pre-teens!   I will send you an attachment and if you can spread the news, you would be of great service.  Thank you in advance!!

At 1:02am on March 5, 2011, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…

New Life Music-oZion-Neal REED
At 10:32am on April 29, 2010, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…
Righteous Entertainment TV (RETV) is looking for positive hip hop artists to showcase. Their audiences are mostly secular. Their heart and prayers are to penetrate hearts with an encouraging Word from God through positive music. If you are ready for television exposure, have music videos, or could be a good fit for RETV show, check out RETV’s website address for submissions. It is important that they receive talent release agreements for each person before they are considered for airing on the show.

The direct link is http://www.righteousent.com/re-tv/submissions.html

Nicki Lynch

At 9:22am on April 25, 2010, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…
At 9:34am on January 17, 2010, Gerald Peoples Jr ~~ DJ G said…

There's so much to pray for...
thanks for joining the Prayer Room.
At 7:46am on January 10, 2010, yshwa4life said…
you should've let me know you were comin through man!

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