The key to ensure leaders, teams, and individual contributors bring thier "A" game!

The critical element that must exist in any corporate environment to ensure success is the full engagement of its people.


An engaged individual is one who is fully committed and enthusiastic about investing his or her full and best effort at work. Being fully engaged means we are physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond

our immediate self-interest.


Plainly stated, the engagement level of an organization’s workforce is one telltale determiner of that organization’s ability to weather a downturn – particularly in the face of a system-wide financial crisis, fierce competition, or any other serious or protracted business crisis.


Experience has repeatedly shown that one of the most promising indicators of what’s to come rises not from the factory floor, balance sheet or sales forecast, but from the level of engagement exhibited by one’s workforce.


After extensive data analysis, Gallup concluded that “the relationship between engagement and performance at the business/work unit level is substantial and highly generalizable across organizations.”


“The global workforce study demonstrates that, at a time when companies are looking for every source of competitive advantage, the workforce itself represents the largest reservoir of untapped potential.”


Full engagement fuels the creation of new ideas and new connections. When your members are pushed to create an environment for themselves that is conducive to health and

wellbeing, you create a self-awareness in them that allows for constructive adaptability and, ultimately, full engagement.


= can your ministry garner wisdom from these findings?






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